Flight Rush 1

Flight Rush 1
November 14, 2019 MAMAN

“Tolani?” Tolani Jay’s roommate, Aina banged on her door. They shared a three-bedroom apartment on Adelabu street, Ikeja. “Why are you still at home?”

Aina banged the door once more. “I’m off to work o. Call me when you get there.”
Tolani jerked out of the bed in alarm. She paused, trying to figure out why Aina was banging on her door this early in the morning.
After few minutes her brain cleared and she remembered she was not supposed to still be in bed. She looked at the clock on the wall. It was 7:40am.
She was almost late for her 8:30am flight to attend a meeting in Port Harcourt.
She hurried out of the bed and made her way into the bathroom. Barely five minutes later, she was out with freshly brushed mouth and face. She put on her clothes and slipped on her shoes. She didn’t bother to check if everything was as it should be but instead grabbed her travelling bag and ran out of the house.
“I shouldn’t have left the packing of things to the last minutes” she thought aloud. “If only I had slept early last night. Why didn’t I set the alarm?” She had all these thoughts racing as she prepared.
Tolani had an online-booked taxi waiting before she stepped out of the house, she hurriedly hailed got in and was driven to the airport in no time. On this day, the roads were friendly, no traffic, she was glad. At least she wouldn’t miss her flight even if she’d narrowly get in.
She arrived the drop-off zone and was about to pay the cab man when she realised that in her rush she had her handbag but forgot to put her wallet and traveling documents in them.


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