Flight Rush 2

Flight Rush 2
November 18, 2019 MAMAN

Did you read our last post? No one wants to be like Tolani. Although, we can’t control everything that happens in life, from unforeseen traffic to road accidents, to over sleeping, but there are some ways to prevent these from affecting our flight. People miss flights but do not let that be you.
Planning your trip to the letter is an assurance you’ll get to the airport in time. Here are a few tips you could take so you don’t miss your flight:
1. Park your luggage before time; this would help make sure you have what you need for the trip with you.
2. Have your documents ready at the go; these includes your passport, tickets or other related travel documents together in a handbag or somewhere close so it’s easy to access.
3. If you have an early flight, go to bed early so you don’t get too exhausted and oversleep.
4. Set an alarm two hours to your departure time as a check if you’re on track.
5. Use the map to navigate your journey to the airport to avoid traffic; you can give the cab man direction to make it faster.
6. If you don’t know your way around the airport, ask how so you can get through security fast.

Try any of these few steps and watch your next trip be a breeze!
Are there more tips we didn’t add? Kindly do as a comment.


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